Warm congratulations: Shi Bei honey SHIBEIMI successfully signed five new stores

Fashionable temperament clothing market, the women's brand SHIBEIMI poetry Bei honey has a professional design team, between the international fashion and the actual market life, designers with their own keen fashion sense and unique professional level, with different The elements create a beautiful myth.


热烈祝贺:诗蓓蜜SHIBEIMI 成功签约5家新店

热烈祝贺:诗蓓蜜SHIBEIMI 成功签约5家新店

热烈祝贺:诗蓓蜜SHIBEIMI 成功签约5家新店

Now poem honey brought us a new surprise, the successful signing of 5 new stores, contracted stores are: Fujian Zhangzheng fifth branch, Hubei Zhouzong Xiaogan shop, Hubei Fangzhan Wuhan Branch, Huang sister Chengdu store and Feng Sister's shop in Henan. Such a strong join, poetry Bei Mi growing, but also with the franchisee will work together to develop and work together to create a profit model, I believe we will make "Shi Bei SHIBEIMI" brand banner in Fujian, Hubei, Chengdu, Henan market High rise!

As long as you have a certain sense of brand management, interested in the apparel industry, poem honey is your best partner to join. The company unified image of the store decoration, to provide a full set of shop operators manual, allowing you to easily operate, fast profit. Poetry Bei honey a strong advantage of joining, and you work together to create brilliant.

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