Long Listen teach you how to manage suits

Wear a few years, a dozen years or even decades of suits, do you know how to wear different styles suit? Are you a conservative follow the rules of the suit fighter or the pursuit of new custom tide it? According to Beijing celebrity suit custom Xiaobian understand, different custom tailored suit, you can create a completely different personal clothing style, if you want to wear Superman step you need to take a good look at this article Oh, I believe There are many gains today Xiaobian I, will choose from the suit, style, size, and even details of the details of how to handle the suit how to control suit wearing style. The thought of urban career women outfit, emerge in front of us surely is capable of hemming small heels, but so obviously can not hold winter wear, so coat section coat is the best choice at this time. Delicate lapel and simple version, are the classic design of small suits, the same can bring intellectual taste, dark green coat calm atmosphere, wear fashionable femininity. Pink coat beautiful and fresh, piercing feminine tenderness, stylish profile design, add tide Fan, with a dress and sexy black silk, black high heels feet, filling tall figure, temperament leisurely bloom. Dark gray coat of moderate length, is completely thicker version of the small suit, color and style of capable and atmospheric, wearing a feeling of neutral wind, showing the tough independent urban women, with leggings, handsome and chic. Burgundy elegant red coat, the classic version of the classic version of the design will never be outdone, with a dash of capable and supple, full of professional women's intellectual temperament and taste style. Classic double-breasted gray coat design, simple lapel showed intellectual generous, low-key color and style, with a high collar green sweater, fresh and pleasant, people breezy. Camel coat design classic simplicity, tailoring look refined and smooth, drape feel good, the long section of the design to add a gas field, the color is also very elegant, with a red wine sweater, high collar style warm nostalgia, the overall wear wild intellectual fashion . Light gray coat classic wild, simple and elegant version of the model, wear a sense of fashion and intellectual beauty, relaxed straight version, more comfortable, wear a casual chic feeling, with sweaters and leggings, capable handsome. These collocation is just a lot of tailor-made iceberg tip only, there are more fresh with your trial and research needs.

Architectural Membrane

Tianshuo Architectural Membranes used in permanent structures, made of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Available in a range of strengths and light transmission levels to cover any size structure from a full-sized stadium to a relatively small skylight. Our Architectural Membranes is light ,highly tensile strength.peel strength and fine pliability, the premium properties of cleaning, light transmittance, reflectivity, tensile structures provide up to 20 years or more of reliable service.

Acoustically absorptive membranes used as liners in architectural membrane systems. Not only attenuates sound, but also enhances the thermal characteristics of fabric roof systems. Acoustical membranes are translucent, Non-stick, non-burning, porous composites based on fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)PTFE coated Architectural Membranes ae the world`s most utilized structural roofing and building materials,and have the following General Characteristics:Acoustically absorptive membranes

*Excellent translucent performance
*High mechanical strength and dimensional stability
*Super fireproof property
* Stain Resistant and excellent independent self-cleaning performance
* Long life

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