Congratulations: / Italy and Australia Women's Beijing Hualian store opened in Beijing

Summer heat, such as fire, in response to high temperatures, we almost always stay indoors, and even super love shopping female friends do not seem to love too much. Now and into the second half of August, fresh autumn day also quietly came to us. Coupled with the season, a friend who loves fashion must be in time to pick the new clothes in front of the season, so that their fashion win at the starting line. Now, there is a good news to tell us Zhengzhou sisters: / Italy and Australia women's clothing as early Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Hualian new store opened on August 16 it. If you want to choose the new autumn clothes, you can go to / Italian new store to see.

意澳 - EALL.CZ 恭贺意澳女装郑州北京华联店隆重开业 / Italy and Australia women's interpretation of cotton leprosy, a Sennifer temperament. After careful study and found that these cotton fabrics are very skin-friendly, wear on the body will make you very comfortable. Coupled with the overall cut loose, casual and stylish, more by the consumers are respected. In front of the new store, we can watch the whole picture of / Italy and Australia. logo, light box, static model display and built-in display, in the bright light direct, more beautiful and moving. Overall decoration, and always maintain the overall style of women's wear with / Italy and Australia coordinated. Wooden floors and walls and checkout counter will give you a sense of home, you can provide you with a superb shopping environment.

恭贺意澳女装郑州北京华联店隆重开业 恭贺意澳女装郑州北京华联店隆重开业

Into the shop, you will find the new autumn is still displayed on the hanger, in order to facilitate the purchase of consumers. Different colors or models of a single product, the effective combination, you can give you a deduction of the general style of fashion. In the new store, a lot of new products, if you have always liked / Italian and Australian women's clothing, off work or the weekend, you can about your sisters to buy something.


In / Italy and Australia women's buy, do not worry little friends will become irritable because of waiting for you. Our / Italian-Australian women's wear will provide them with a comfortable seating area, as well as tea provided, you can rest assured that the purchase.


Opening of the new store, near the Tanabata Festival, we / Italy and Australia will also provide you with many concessions. Want to know what is the discount? Come and see!

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