CHKNAK Lala Women's Clothing Winter 2015 New Image

CHKNAK Lala Women's Winter 2015 | Yumimeng, walking in the red dust of ambiguity, there is a kind of encounter, not reunion never agreed ... Snowy season, the blossoming snow filled the earth with graceful posture or sweet or elegant or something else Character... At this moment, meet!

CHKNAK Lala Women's Brand Positioning:
Age Positioning: Women aged 30-40 years old, with brand positioning: fashion, beautiful, elegant, light and mature women's positioning,
Target customer group: Young women who are attractive, stylish, elegant, confident, healthy, and exquisite.
Product Category: Pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, jackets, coats, cotton, down, fur, bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry.
Price positioning: excellent quality, mid to high-end price, spring and summer clothes 239 yuan -899 yuan, autumn and winter clothes 329 - 1599 yuan

CHKNAK Lala Women's Brand Outlook:
Paula Trend
In China, the cost of clothing ranks first among females with a population of more than 600 million. In the future, with the gradual increase of national income and urbanization rate, the consumption of women's clothing will continue to grow; in order to meet the consumer groups with different needs, the in-depth breakdown of the women's clothing market has become an irreversible trend.

Compared with other age women's wear, light mature women's clothing lacks the leading brand and has unlimited development potential. The light mature woman market targets women aged 30-40 years and 330 million consumers, making it the most “money” market for women.

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