What to wear in underwear for young women Underwear for young people to wear brand

"Young people" more and more, why Xiaobian young people should be marked in quotes? Because these young people refer to people who will be dressed, many people can not see the age, so they all feel more young, more young people, young people's clothing will have a market, HISA ya underwear for young women To create suitable underwear for their style.


HISA ya girl-like underwear style, pink color is surely indispensable, not just the pink decoration, as well as printing embellishment, HISA ya underwear pink and printed embellishment is very sweet and cute, like a girl-like tenderness, do not Say your age, you are twenty years old, no one will doubt your age.

年轻女性穿什么内衣 适合年轻人穿的内衣品牌

Now the hot mom who can not see is born baby, because now the people will be more maintenance, so do not see the normal age, blue print underwear lingerie style, suitable for Bear girl's wear, cup Is also relatively small, big breasts girl can be used as half-cup underwear to wear, but also to show sexy Oh. Age is not a problem, the problem is that you have to choose the right style.


Rayon is a kind of silky man-made fiber.Rayon fiber is a medium-to-heavy fiber with moderate to good strength and wear resistance. It has hydrophilic properties (moisture regain is 11%). This fiber can be dry-cleaned and can be washed under good care. The static electricity or pilling phenomenon is not expensive.By the way, our company have Tencel and Viscose is fabric with good strength and wear resistance.lightweight tencel rayon Smooth and soft surface.

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