BAGPIPE bagpipe 2015 winter new women's "increased" collocation skills

Are you plagued by height? Although I feel like a dwarf myself, the petite exquisite bird is sprouting. However, occasionally you also want to experience a tall, tall woman. At this time, it was time for Xiaobian to show off his skills. In addition to the internal hardships such as heightening, Xiao Bian recommends that you use the costumes to falsely increase the height, giving people a "higher" visual illusion.

BAGPIPE bagpipe 2015 winter new women's "increased" collocation skills

Bag hip skirt to enhance the waist line, black lace end elegant and charming.

With a short jacket, can not hide the noble woman style, black and white are divided into the golden ratio.

Tips to remember! Before loosening the shirt,

Exposing the specially raised waistline can make it look taller and longer.

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