Adidas brand apparel to move Nike brand cheese

Adidas brand apparel to move Nike brand cheese

The fierce battle between Germany's Adidas and Nike will be transferred from the football stadium to the basketball court again. In order to achieve its goal of increasing its share of the global basketball product market from the current 20% to 30% in 2006, Adidas will launch a brand new move tomorrow. - The basketball shoes signed by the NBA superstar Garnett were simultaneously released in the world. According to Adidas China Public Relations Department, Garnett signed basketball shoes will also be launched in the Chinese market at the same time, the price of this basketball shoes is 1180 yuan, targeting young basketball fans. In this way, Adidas has once again set its sights on the strongest rival Nike.

Nike stopped in post-Jordanian era

According to industry analysts: Since the signing of Jordan Nike, Nike's position in the global basketball market is stable, because the NBA is the most popular sport in the United States, Nike as the host is obviously more adidas has more advantages. In particular, in July 2003, Nike took a 305 million US dollars wholly-owned acquisition of sports shoe manufacturer Converse, and pulled down the distance with competitors. However, Adidas, Germany's current head of the human head, but aimed at the Nike brand spokesperson void of the offensive opportunity - Jordan is old, but Nike signed "Jordan second" seed LeBron has not released enough star effect.

In fact, as early as the 1930s, Adidas already sold basketball shoes on the global market, but insiders believe that Nike seems to be more beautiful in this area. Adidas China Public Relations Department pointed out that Adidas has signed many NBA stars for many years, including Garnett, Duncan and Tracy McGrady, etc. The three are more hot stars than LeBron. This time, Garnett signed the basketball shoes, which is to play a popular game with Nike.

Adi has never been willing to be a runner-up

Adidas, the world’s second-largest sports product company, never gave up on all aspects of Nike’s confrontation. In addition to occupying the upper hand in the football field, Adidas has been storming the basketball advantage from Nike, but Hainer’s attack in 2006 will be even more powerful. Because Adidas has just announced that it will acquire all the shares of Reebok, the world’s third-ranked company, for US$3.8 billion.

Experts pointed out that since the end of 2000, Reebok has entered into partnerships with the NFL, the NBA, and the Indy Racing League (IRL). It has also become Yao Ming and Alan Ivor Sponsors such as Sen. In 2004, Reebok even signed a lifetime contract with Yao Ming. After Adidas acquired Reebok, it competed with Nike for a basketball game, which will be staged by more global basketball superstars.

According to foreign reports, Hainer’s goal is to increase its share of the global basketball product market from the current 20% to 30% in 2006. Hainer, who has been wearing adidas running shoes for many years, was a professional football player before he was CEO. Now he takes the Garnett and runs to the basketball court in order to fulfill his global remarks when he took over Adidas's head in 2001. : Beat Nike and regain the crown that Adidas once owned.

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