"Super Girl" brand clothing settled in Shenyang trademark was successfully registered

"Super Girl" brand clothing settled in Shenyang trademark was successfully registered

“In the future, my clothing brand is called 'Super Girl'!” Yesterday, Shenyang Wu Ai’s clothing owners, Xiao Yong Yong and Chang Yonggang, were happier with their national certification. After three months of waiting, they finally took the trademark. At this point, Shenyang will also have the only clothing brand in the name of “Super Girl”.

"Super Girl" brings inspiration

“When I had this idea, the 'Super Girls' national finals were just in the process of determining the top 10. This hot program made me shine.” Xiao Xiaoyong, who has been a clothing business for more than 10 years in Wuai Market While watching this variety show, I was secretly playing my own abacus. “I've been working hard for more than 10 years and are very sensitive to clothing and all kinds of clothing brands. According to experience, new brands are often related to events, items, and hot topics that were popular in the society at that time. Everyone uses their own brands and these hot names. After playing at the time of 'Matsa', there were many products hitting its banner and achieving good advertising effects and economic benefits.'Mice love rice' can even become a trademark brand of food.Why? I will not do it?" Xiao Xiaoyong asked himself.

If you want to do it, do it well.

Chang Yonggang, a good friend and partner, had an interest in this idea when he had such an idea. “The 'Super Girl' is so hot, then we use this name to name our own brand and it can be a hit!” So ​​they A hit, and "Super Girl" and "Super Girl" homonym, which is more suitable for clothing brand! As a result, they decided to immediately register this well-known trademark - "Super Girl"!

On August 3 this year, the two men took out 1,800 yuan to register with the Shenyang City Bureau of Industry and Commerce, followed by a long wait. “This “Super Girl” trademark has hundreds of people paying attention and squatting. It can be said that all of them are in line. The team is very long. If it can really be chosen, it can be said to be one in a million. The staff poured cold water on them.

"A month, two months ... time is passed, and the truth is true. Our hearts are beginning to grow." The two can only pin their hopes on the deadline.

"Super Girl" brand clothing can be produced in Shenyang

"Successful, registered!" On October 28th, a "paperwork" was placed in front of the two people. The Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally adopted the trademark application of "Super Girl". The two were happy to be high-fiving and they could not get drunk at night. “Is this true? I don’t believe it! Is it a dream? This is the only clothing brand in China called 'Super Girl'!” Xiaoyong still doubts that he is dreaming. Although Chang Yonggang said that the certificate of certification was in his hands, it was certainly true, but Xiao-yong still drove to Chang Yonggang’s home and saw this “National Only” certificate with his own eyes.

When the reporter asked how the brand would be promoted, the two also said at the same time, “We will be united with the apparel companies that have this intention in the future. They will put on clothes. We will name them and will use this brand as the only brand in the country. "The voice of the girl's voice is well promoted." Both of them are full of confidence.

Shenyang people's awareness of trademark protection has improved

“This marks the only clothing brand in the country named after “Super Girl” settled in Shenyang!” said an industry insider of the Shenyang Administration for Industry and Commerce. “After releasing the policy in 2003, natural persons are allowed to register their trademarks with their ID card. The registration fee is only between 1800 and 2,000 yuan. If the company or the relevant unit does not pay attention to protect their own intellectual property rights, it will be very easy for a person to register a trademark." The person said that the number of trademark applications in each province in 2004 There are 39,436 in Beijing. In this quantity, there is still a big gap in Shenyang City. However, from the registration of this successful “name” trademark “Super Girl”, the awareness of trademark protection of Shenyang citizens has indeed improved.

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