Zhuangji apparel brand signed contract with Huahua Jian brand again

Zhuangji apparel brand signed contract with Huahua Jian brand again

On December 26th, Shanghai New World City has just celebrated its grand opening tenth anniversary celebrations. The singer of Taiwan’s famous singers and Zhuangji’s famous image ambassador Zhou Jiajian and Zhuang Ji’s renewal ceremonies with the theme of “Enthusiastic and Renewed Love” also assumed the status of New World City. This will add a festive atmosphere to New World City. Wu Bangdong, president of Zhuangji Group, signed on behalf of Zhuang Ji and Zhuang Ji’s spokesperson Zhou Huajian. Leaders of Shanghai Municipal Government, Huangpu District Government and Shanghai industrial and commercial enterprises, leaders of New World Mall, Oriental TV Station, China Apparel News Shanghai Station, Xinmin Evening News and other media and Zhuangji Group Shanghai Branch General Manager Li Zhongbao witnessed the signing ceremony. It is reported that this is the fifth signing of Zhou Huajian and Zhuang Ji. The cooperation between Zhuang Ji and Zhou Huajian has been successfully extended for five years.

The Zhuang Ji Group was built in 1996 and has since been developed into an annual sales of 1.229 billion yuan for high-end men's clothing and ancillary products. It has been selected as one of the top 100 companies in China's apparel industry for eight consecutive years, and has successfully entered the environmental protection, commercial real estate, capital operations, etc. In the industry, Zhuangji Trademark has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China. Zhuangji Suit won the title of China Top Brand Product and National Inspection-free Product. The national apparel industry first hired the famous designer of Tongda Li as the chief designer, and established Zhuangji clothing in Milan, the world's fashion capital. Design studio, with the world's leading designers took the lead in the introduction of formal wear and leisure fashion concept and lead the fashion trend.

In 2000, Zhuangji Group hired Taiwanese singer Zhou Huajian to serve as a representative of blind people. In five years, Zhou Huajian and Zhuang Ji had close cooperation. Zhou Huajian's affinity with the image speaks well for Zhuang Ji's caring and respecting life. The Zhuangji brand has been greatly enhanced with the help of Zhou Huajian's good-looking men, and has gained popularity and praise from consumer groups including business successes, cultural tastes, and government civil servants.

Shanghai is an international metropolis, a city of fashion, and the leading city in China's economy and culture. It has always been the preferred city for companies and brands to occupy the domestic market and enter the international market. Since the Zhuangji brand entered Shanghai in 2001, it has gradually expanded from a former monopoly hall to 8 monopoly halls. It has created an impressive performance with a single-day turnover of 60,000 yuan per unit, and sales performance has been increasing at a rate of 100% per year. Gradually won the favorite of Shanghai consumers, brand awareness has been greatly improved. Zhuangji's professional packaging business also developed rapidly and established a professional and capable marketing team. Successfully undertook the professional packaging business of Bank of Shanghai, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard, China Telecom Ideal Group, Shanghai Baojing Iron and Steel, Shanghai Shenjing Iron and Steel, Shangyu El Ophthalmology, Shanghai Taiping Automobile Insurance Company and other units and received wide acclaim.

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