Dsquared 2005 Fall Winter Fashion Release

Dsquared 2005 Fall Winter Fashion Release
Brand Name: Dsquared
Created by: Italian Current Designers: Dean Caten, Dan Caten (Italian)
This release: How can a simple one-piece tank top at Milan Fashion Week make its appearance at the Dsquared Fashion Show in autumn/winter 2005? The vivid maple leaf pattern and Other lively imprints representing Canada, that is, the twins designers Dean and Dan Caten were born, and they squatted on the white shoulders and shoulders. The opening model walks in dignified manner with the attacking clothing. Yes, don't doubt it!

Putting down the fashion style that always used to be neutral and sexually playful in the past, Dsquared was wearing a serious, autumn-and-winter fashion show mainly based on darkness to give people different elegance and retro feelings. Of course, there are still some traces of the past in the overall show, such as the trucker's fedora hats that have appeared, and some of the most popular in the previous season. The girls are exaggerated with exaggerated attire.

In addition, in this season, the non-trimming denim jeans and various colorful leather cropped trousers, as well as the giant short sweater with "Jesus Loves Me" printed by Da Yu, are all skillfully used. Embellished with luxurious accessories and furs, the 2005 Autumn/Winter Dsquared Fashion Show is a perfect interpretation of the stunning and incomparable beauty.

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