The top brand Armani deputy enters Shanghai Huaihai Road for the first time

The top brand Armani deputy enters Shanghai Huaihai Road for the first time

According to relevant authorities in Luwan District, eight international and second-tier brands from Italy, France, and Greece, including the “Armani” deputy?ArmaniA/X?, will enter the East Building of Guotai Apartment in Huaihai Middle Road, which is about to appear before and after the Spring Festival for the first time. World brand monopoly floor promenade.

Through replacement, adjustment, and revitalization of Guotai Apartment's Donglou World Brand Monopoly theme building group, the commercial area of ​​1,500 square meters has been newly added, and the building area has reached 2,700 square meters, and the “energy level” of the world brand monopoly has also come from one shop. The shop's “Jia Jia Biyu” has become the one-storey first-floor “everybody’s show”. Industry sources said that the move marked the "Eleventh Five-Year" "Huai Hai Battle" to achieve a good start.

Reproduce the style of French apartments

Three years ago, the 100-meter-long Huatai Road Guotai Apartment was the first in Shanghai to display a world brand store promenade consisting of 16 world-brand stores, which attracted the attention of the international fashion industry. When the Italian fashion industry union chairman visited Shanghai two years ago, he expressed great admiration for the classic French architectural shops operating world brands. He believes that it is not luxury to be able to manage the world's brands, only the classic architectural shops like fashion streets, is the best place to run the world's brands, because of each other's brand culture.

Shanghai Huaihai Commercial Group and Yimin Department Store Co., Ltd., the owners of Cathay Pacific Apartments, jointly developed Cathay Apartments in-depth development. Based on the principles of protective development, plate-based development, functional replacement, and comprehensive coordination, Cathay Pacific Apartments is the first to take the lead in Cathay Apartments. The building is undergoing a “thickening and heightening” transformation, connecting the 8th to the 3rd floors of the facade, and renovating the facades of the shops in accordance with the old fashioned and unified style. The style of the old Shanghai in the 1930s. In addition, according to the requirements of the brand business, the interior of the store was transformed into a "first floor and one floor", which allowed the shops and shops of the shops to interconnect with the world brand culture. At present, the 51-meter-long Guotai Apartment East Building has been reconstructed on the Huaihai Middle Road between Ruijin Road and Maoming Road in accordance with the style of a classic French apartment building in the 1930s.

World's top brands settled

With the introduction of international second-tier brands, Huaihai Road Commercial Street has also introduced some international first-line brands in this brand adjustment. It is understood that in the eight-bay development of the Cathay Pacific Apartments East Building World brand theme, will introduce the Italian senior costume PALZILERI? Earl Riley?, Cavali? Cavalli?, ArmaniA/X? Armani?, ICEBERG? Iceberg?, US high-end clothing CalvinKlein Calvin Klein, French luxury clothing ALAINMANOUKIAN? Amy?, Greek high-end accessories FoLLiFoLLi? Fu Li?, South Korea's senior apparel BEAUCRE?

Many of these brands are among the world's top brands. For example, Italian men's wear, represented by Piaget Riley Palzieri, one of Europe's four menswear brands, plays a significant role in the European apparel market. It leads the fashion wave of men's wear all over the world and has become an elite class of men. Dress model. Piaget Riley Palzieri? has been extremely cautious in choosing a shop after entering China, and has a relatively high demand for shopping malls. Currently, the brand has flagship stores in top domestic malls such as Beijing Oriental Plaza and Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza. In addition, the French fashion women's brand Alainmanoukian? Amy? and Italy's famous designer Roberto Cavalli's Cavali? Cavalli? are currently internationally popular clothing brand.

Start the international fashion theme battle

Yu Hong, chairman of Huaihai Business Group, believes that one of the methods for deepening development of Huaihai Road is to increase the volume by “thickening and raising” existing outlets. The enlarged area can introduce matching international brands, change the brand store as the brand theme building, and the new store opened in the East Building of Guotai Apartment is a demonstration of this new format. Yi Chen, chairman of Yimin Co., Ltd., has full confidence in the new round of accelerating the restructuring of the relevant outlets of Huaihai Road. The implementation of the new format development to upgrade the grades of the settled brands, the start of the middle of the year a good start, a perspective of the "Eleventh Five-Year" of the "Huai-Hai campaign" launched the "International Fashion" theme battle, containing more rich, more exciting content.

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