Dazzling Beach Sandals Set Jewelry + Gold Silver

May Day trip to a dazzling beach outfit peach? Of course, the most glamorous dress is the most attractive and eye-catching. Then, one of the trend of Korean spring shoes in 2008 is to add jewelry and the most flashing gold and silver design. There are many reflective surfaces in jewelry that can achieve the most flashing effect of reflected light. And gold and silver have always been very elegant and elegant, coupled with beach evening dress, one will be able to stunning the audience.

The glitter of gold and silver, inlaid with red stones. Noble and more passionate sexy.

The inlaid white beads shine even more against gold and silver. And the bow next to it doubles the charm of a cute little woman.

Gorgeous mesh design, although not inlaid jewelry, but the simple shape is like the gem of light, the charm is infinite.

The colorful colors are very eye-catching, so that the multi-glossy design can stand out even on the beach with insufficient lighting.

Concise ribbons interweave, elegant and noble. And because of simplicity, what kind of clothing can be used to achieve the ultimate.

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